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Water, Megacities and Global Change, Paris HQ, 2015 – December 1st to 4th,

The International Conference Water, Megacities and Global Change, conference will be hosted by UNESCO in its Paris HQ, 2015 ON December 1st to 4th, during the first week of the COP21.

The conference is devoted  to the theme of water in megacities.

IT is organized by ARCEAU IdF 


Call for papers : until 1 October

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project ANR-DAUME


An EU platform to better understand the Common Good  by expertise of intellectuals and professionals !
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Sustainable Food Security – Call

Sustainable Food Security – Call

European crop production is facing more and more difficulties in remaining competitive in the global market for many reasons.

More sustainable crop management strategies are needed to maintain or increase soil fertility,oss of soil fertilityto Improve ground and surface water quality

Call for Proposals:

Reduction of soil contaminations with toxic compounds and heavy metals.
Conservation of biodiversity and wildlife.
Improved human health, through the reduced release of pollutants and GHGs.
Scientific support to relevant EU policies[2]
Sound scientific evaluation of benefits and drawbacks of soil-improving cropping systems and techniques.
Reduction of soil erosion and improvement of soil quality and structure
Increased European farmers’ competitiveness through the reduction of production cost

Deadline Date 03-02-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Stage 2 11-06-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Total Call Budget €104,000,000 Main Pillar Societal

Horizon 2020

Wheat genome

This issue's cover

Science’s Special Issue on Slicing the wheat genome celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Norman Borlaug, the Nobel Prize-winning plant geneticist who, through his contribution to the “green revolution,” reminds us of the importance of applying scientific knowledge to develop crop varieties. This is even more important today as we face a rapidly expanding global population, climate change, and the need to keep agricultural efforts sustainable while minimizing environmental impacts. Accessing the fundamental information of crop genomes aids in accelerating breeding pipelines and improves our understanding of the molecular basis of agronomically important traits, such as yield and tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses.

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Planet Automattic: February 2014

The Blog

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find people working on Developers deploying lines of code. Designers tinkering with themes. Engineers working one-on-one with users to help make their websites just so. (Want to join in? We’re hiring.)

One cool thing about Automatticians? We care about so much that we’re always thinking about ways to make it better, online and off. Here’s a glimpse at the230 Automatticians around the globe — and things we’re working on and thinking about right now.

We blog about WordPress (naturally!)

At Automattic, we’re constantly communicating, breaking and fixing, and iterating and improving. Communication tools like theP2 theme, Skype, and IRC channels allow ideas and conversations to flow at all times, while our own blogs are spaces to reflect on and share the things we’ve learned.

In Moscow, Code WranglerKonstantin Kovshenin works on the Dot…

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In vitro and cryopreservation training course – India

Organized by Biodiversity International see all info on

The applicants must have a prior experience in the teaching areas of the course. Female scientists are particularly encouraged to apply. Deadline: 25 January 2014.